Carrer Counselling

AHTI helps students to know about their interest and looks towards their eligibility of criteria as required. Initially AHTI tries to understand student's perspective in which aviation sector they want to join like in Domestic or an International. Understanding their background we suggest them with proper guidance and assist them on their need. But if they do not meet the criteria, we suggest them to try for a ground job, or not to move further for training by providing the reason of denied.

Overall Assistance on Admission

Once they are interested as well meet the requirement for an admission, we ask to go for an admission process for which the student have to fill our application form as well they have to bring 2 pp size photo with them and after that we do provide them the commencement of the class date. As well as per AHTI policy, we do have our own dress code, which the student have to follow at the full time of their training period, so we do assistance on the dress colour as well the size it should be done.

Formatting Documents

Document formatting is next big thing to get success on their desire to fly high in the sky. In documentation we mainly ask student to prepare their CV as well to provide us all their academic documents as well a copy of their citizenship. Mainly for student job assistance we do need those documents from the early stage. So, here we also guide students, on presenting the necessary documents and also we provide all application forms required by organization and supervise them to fill it.

Interview Preparation

We provide our student a very special class for their interview preparation. Our organization do not charge any amount for this preparation, as this class is one of the very important part to click on their goal. By our expertise instructor we prepare them how to face an interview, how to present themselves, how to groom, what all things have to be carried with them, as well all the information and training is done to prepare for the interview. As this preparation plays the vital role on their career, so we also provide our best effort to make their application success.

Travel Arrangement

For any new student, who are studying with us coming from different cities of our country, might not be aware with all the location to reach on the destination they have to go for an interview, so at that time we make their proper travel arrangement to make them reach on the proper address.