AHTI provides the total course duration of 3 months on the title of Air Hostess Training. Every student has to appear an exam before the certificate is issued to the students. Until and unless the students appear an examination at the end of the course, the students are not eligible to accept the certificate from AHTI. Every institution has their own format for an examination. The test is a one-of-its-kind career test that identifies students' unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and helps students to achieve their potential. Created by renowned American educator, Steven Rudolph, the test has transformed the lives of thousands of people, by helping them find happiness and success in their student and professional lives.

The test is a novel concept and caters to the sensibilities of the changing global marketplace. It understands the ever-changing needs of today’s students and professionals, and accordingly gives them the best means to become the most ‘adaptive’ in different kinds of situations. Moreover, it is based on the world value systems and is ideal for students in

The Test:
  • Helps students identify right careers and streams
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience
  • Inspires passion in work
  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Improves academic performance

After the successful competition of the course as well successfully appearing the exam at the end of the course period, AHTI provides the certificate to the students.

AHTI Certificate has the best value on the market towards our success. As this certificate involves the title of an ISO certified company and IAO accreditation Organization.

Certificate has always plays the major role on their career to achieve their goal. We the organizations always ask the copy of the certificate with the students to attach with the academic certificate and CV of the students. As when so ever we assist on their job, it gives more mileage on the student application while applying for the job of an Air Hostess or for the job of Flight Steward.

The Value of the AHTI Certificate is really strong on the market. We are proud of it and we are proud of our students that they have made our name on the market by doing the best performances on the Airlines were they have been selected.